Relay Stations

This method is applicable for the determination of VOC leaks from process equipment. These sources include, but are not limited to, valves, flanges, and other connections, pumps and compressors, pressure relief devices, process drains, open-ended valves, pump and compressor seal system degassing vents, accumulator vessel vents, agitator seals, and access door seals.

To assist our clients in meeting these new standards, StarCom Solar has created a relay station that with a 5 gas monitor can alarm its operator if the piece of equipment is out of compliance.

Our Power Relay Stations include:

  • External Horn and Strobe
  • Can shut down process equipment in case of release
  • Wireless real-time banking of data
  • Vacuum Truck Applications- Units mounted on trucks that tie into carbon filters
  • Loss Prevention and Safety

Power Relay Station Gallery

Power Relay Station Power Relay Station Power Relay Station

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