Jobsite Logistics

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The term “Jobsite Logistics” is what we use to describe our capabilities in assisting with communication equipment on your jobsite. Whether it’s a remote application on a pipeline, or in the middle of an oil refinery, StarCom Solar will use its unique knowledge of the solar, electrical, and wireless industry to enhance communication.

Yagi antennas, off grid power stations, wireless repeaters, and our knowledge in electrical are a few of the items we can provide to boost weak signals.

Our Jobsite Services include:

  • Help engineer jobsite perimeter gas monitoring
  • Boost weak communication signals
  • Building of hard wired power systems to the NEC code
  • Installation of antennas to help maneuver signals in rugged industrial environments

Jobsite Logistics Gallery

Jobsite LogisticsJobsite LogisticsJobsite LogisticsJobsite LogisticsJobsite Logistics

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