5 Year Warranty on all of our solar safety signs, Rental Units available

StarCom Solar has created a family of solar powered safety signs designed to increase awareness of hazardous areas by providing increased sign visibility. Each solar powered sign is built with ultra-bright LED lights that flash continuously night and day, immediately alerting attention to the solar safety sign. The solar sign lights are visible in all weather conditions, from bright sunlight to fog and rain.

Designed for the rugged commercial, industrial and petrochemical industries, our solar powered signs are built to last. Solid steel frames, schedule 80 poles and DOT breakaway bases provide superior strength.

Encompassing strength with the latest in technology in solar panels, batteries and LED lighting gives StarCom Solar the edge in safety sign construction. StarCom Solar can create a solar powered safety sign to meet any of your needs. From traditional stop signs, pedestrian crossing and yield signs to more industry specific overhead crane and toxic vapor signs, no hazardous area will be overlooked.

StarCom Solar has teamed with RAE Systems to create a Class 1 Division 2 solar powered gas detector. Utilizing StarCom’s unique knowledge in the petrochemical and solar industries, along with RAE’s expertise in the stand-alone, multi-sensor gas monitoring market, we have developed an extremely important tool for detecting hazardous releases.

StarCom Solar has added a portable solar light tower to its line of industrial solar products.  Incorporating our expertise in solar and LED technology, StarCom has created a portable lighting option that frees the customer from traditional power sources.
The Class 1 Div 2 LED downlight from DiaLight, driven by our 80 Watt solar panel and control system, provides intense solid state lighting.  Solar power eliminates the need for a gas or diesel driven generator, resulting in thousands of dollars in annual energy savings for the customer.  Furthermore, with no engine, maintenance and down time are reduced and noise pollution is eliminated.

Additional Features:

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